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Because mesh is meant to be permanent, when there are complications they are not only usually severe, but also easily resolved. As if that isn’t bad enough, the complications can keep progressing as the mesh erodes and works its way through your tissues, organs, etc.The complications are summed up in the FDA report, as follows: “The most frequently reported complications from surgical mesh used to repair POP include: mesh becoming exposed or protruding out of the vaginal tissue (erosion), pain, infection, bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse, organ perforation from surgical tools used in the mesh placement procedure, and urinary problems.Here’s an update on this situation from MDND: “FDA: Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) Surgical Mesh Reports up 36 Percent“.Yes, a mesh implant is permanent, or at least meant to be. This means that if there’s a problem, it is very difficult to fix because they can’t usually just remove the implant.Regardless, the FDA’s July 2011 warning specifically said that complications are “NOT rare”. The more I’ve researched the stats, the less promising they sound.

The mesh adheres to organs, nerves, muscles and even bones.

I wish my doctor really explained to me that these FDA warnings existed, and that they directly pertained to the kind of surgery I was having.

Not just gloss over general complications that apply to any surgery, but discuss the.

In these, the FDA suggests that patients be informed about treatment options, including non-surgical options, and surgery without mesh.

They warned that mesh had the added risk of mesh erosion which could require additional surgery and cause “penile irritation and/or pain during sexual intercourse” for sexual partners.

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