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Lord Durham appears to be pulling at 3 wires at the same time—not that the 3 papers—the Times, Examiner and Spectator are his puppets, but they speak his opinions.(Samuel Rogers, Letters to Lord Holland, 1834)The allusion is to a puppeteer who, from behind the scenes, controls the movements of the puppets on stage by pulling on the strings or wires attached to them.Running water, electricity and gas services have been suspended in the areas affected by the landslides.Those reacting to the video online had mixed opinions on what was being seen.

At least 57 houses have been affected, the government said.

Although the expression’s initial figurative meaning has been virtually obsolete since the 16th and 17th centuries, nose of wax is still occasionally used in describing a wishy-washy or easily manipulated both ends against the middle To play two opposing forces off against each other to one’s own advantage.

According to several sources, “both ends against the middle” is a technique used to rig a deck of cards in dealing a game of faro; a dealer who used such a deck was said to be “playing both ends against the middle.” His maneuvers ensured that competing players lost and that he (or the house) cat and mouse with See HARASSMENTplay fast and loose To connive and finagle ingeniously but inconsiderately to gain one’s end; to say one thing and do another; to manipulate principles, facts, rules, etc., irresponsibly to one’s advantage.

Local media reported that Manizales received a month's average rainfall just overnight.

Rescuers from the Red Cross, civil defense, firefighters and armed forces are searching for the disappeared in the mud and debris of destroyed buildings.

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Although both expressions date from the 19th century, to pull wires apparently predated to pull strings.

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