Media dating violence

Still others focus on the ways in which media violence primes or cues pre-existing aggressive thoughts and feelings.They argue that an individual’s desire to strike out is justified by media images in which both the hero and the villain use violence to seek revenge, often without consequences.” Back in 1994 Andrea Martinez at the University of Ottawa conducted a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on media violence for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Ever since the 1950s, laboratory experiments have consistently shown that exposure to violence is associated with increased heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration rate, and a greater willingness to inflict pain or punishment on others.

Exposure to violent imagery is linked to increased heart rate, faster respiration and higher blood pressure.

Some think that this simulated “fight-or-flight” response predisposes people to act aggressively in the real world.

Some argue that exposure to media violence causes aggression.

Others say that the two are associated, but that there is no causal connection (that both, for instance, may be caused by some third factor) while others say the data supports the conclusion that there is no relationship between the two at all.

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