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Add tbis ituiuber (o Caldwell's vote ot 1372, and we Lave a total lt«;publioan vote of 111,210. Ibe Demucrats bave a majority in this district oi 500. Jobnston and Cbaiham Counties are the battle- grouna. Ic the Republicans LUroujjbo Ui, the disiricc sup- port lioyu. bir Patience Word, Kt." The atone wao fpuu 1 lace downward — a proof that it uad reauiaea , uudisfarbed for two centuiies.

Add ' the lemainmg third to Mem- PEIOB FIVE CENTa mon'a vote and -we have a total Democratic vote Of 103,021. Canuaiy mainiaius that there are more tuan five hundred ne^iriiea in tbis district who nave never voted. ix tbe Repuohcans can uoid tae vote ot ibl)i, in these two counties Young will be eiecctsd. Some coins were near the stone, and probably Hubert s ekeieion is uot lar off.

l\lany men nre astonished to find that the Repuu- lieun? Upon eiich of these quesiions the Republi- cans are way;ins an agureasive wartaro. Cobb, Republican, carried this district m 1872 by Over fourteen hundred maionty. This year the Repuo- lioans expect to elect Liudsey, but by a smaller maionty than tiiey got in 1872. In the Second District it is only a question of majority. It is expected that tbis majoriiy will be increased to 9.000. I rose up stupefied, and waa made to resume my former uoaition, and re- o*i T«d a second floorer.

have a loader who la able to cope wi Lii Vaueo.- Tbo canvass is conhned to tliroo points: i'trsf.— Vance's war record. l-'roiu aimost every couniy there is authentic news that Vance will uoc receive the party voce. I know not how olten I aadarwent thin ordeal, but I remember eoing to bed with a racking headache, and beiu;; un- able to put in am a^ipearauco at school naxc atoralng.— Zord Albemari^s Heco Ueelions. i.) UVSTITUTq— A Kiimily School for surpassed as a preparatory schoq U 14th auntial bogius Sept.

In every county where tbcy speak the Kepuolicans are eucouraaed. i BStwid, theref»re, of prt«parinff tea «« uxoa L I slinped one ot t L» maiila into the •t Mt-oe Uar.'^nd theve lay ptrdu for a eoupte of hours. Ue made me staad at at- t MXdon, with my little diieera on the seama of mj trousers, like » ioldier at drill- He then fe Ued me to the jfround by a swinffing buck-horse (a blow on the cheek with the open hand) on jaj right cheek.

I'urtc- isn abuses, 1 remember a story which was lohl mo of the Ed'oadi's way of cutting tho Gordma knot ol opproosiou aud misruie.

ine Kepuolicans will do exceeuin;;iy wed if they prevent a Democratic increase. TUe El Jfs Bili 18 certainly a man of 'Sound lu-lji Utua L. groat pro Uiiy, att J yet 18, in most ihmgs, as I sitid, a thor jugu Turk of tne old echool, prejudices and iili- ' ings and dislikmgs to boot. M D D OLDEN HILL HEMl NAfi Y FOR YOUNG ladies -Brldgeuort.

Juilge Hoar will not yet say that he will accept the iii\iiatiun. and while be thanks his friends for tbeir zeal in bis beba U' be hopes tbac tbev will, in tbe interest of harmony in tbts party, accept this as an From too appended table it will be seen ihal the Chicago Club are wall ahead, and tberaforsj «cin the chfini Dionship whip pennon so long and honorably held by the Boston Club. Loaii Clubisaeconu on the list, with the Hartfords a] £.:od third. Struan id a jfe-etty st Htio U among trees, aud close to its lartt t Ue falls ot the Garry.

Jfor several days the following letter, asking Juuge Hoar to ac- cept an indepeodeai nomination and bead a Repub- lican bolt, has been iu circnlalion, and many promi- nent sigoatuies hd Va been bbtaioed to it : To Bon. re- Bpccifully ask vliat von allow your name to bs preseuteu bv ibein to lae voters of iha uiitiict ati a caudioaie lor tuac ot Uce. Cauliield will stite in a letter to be published tu-morrow that he positively declines to be a ca HJi- daie uuder tbe circumstai.c'es. He went out on Wednesday last, and was last seen on that night at Twenty-fourih street and Third ave- nue, when he j T Ch. THE CHAMPION.-IIIP HKCOKD.' The season for professional base-ball plajln A so far as itie leauno clubs are concerned, closed yak terday. But now that, ifte "iiron horse " has learned to uri;e his rapidipaotf into he very of the most romauticjfceu|ry in the three kingdoms, it does aecm^ :fjir;)i|sing that uot more of our southern S^bi|rite| should prefer the exhilarating niountaiiltbrbt^s and biacing air of the home of the rudjdtor ofii Killiecraujiie we left tue train aud took thli ro*d loading to Blair Athol, where tne bauk^evto so far on in the year, lire sldl cnameledr mnilho hyacinth, pnmrose, and other lavorlt gajpe with a shy furiosit" Trom Blair Ath »1 t«i Struan the ^cene Iy for a While is less {in iuri^que ; but on approaching the latter stall iji i| resumes its wonied aspect.

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8:ng G ;ouvd — rn K state votks SINCE 1863 — A CLOSE UU. Tbe contest in tais State xa hotter and i Q'^re tborooj^b tbau an/ sii^ce 1840. The air is full of •bouts lor Hayes and Settle, Tilden and Vance. M^ority a Kainst eouvemio D TOTAL VOTE r OE GOVEENOE, 1872. ..'..." C*l«*«"ii'» majurt y 8C,007 9,-.i45 98,630 ._96J3l J.8D9 *Ot*\ VOTE TUB Str PERIMENBENT OF PDBLIC Hf STHDCTIOS, 1874. ile iuv)t«;d lus Pasha to break£ist, which was served, wito much punctilious respect, and tiie t Uest Waseu- tertaiued with an unfailing fiow ot convcr^atiai] and anecdote.

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