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* /John is a regular acid rock freak./ [acorn] See: GREAT OAKS PROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW.

, , , puppy love, fun house, dog-eat-dog, mixed-up. * /The reason John acts so funny is that he is a regular acid head./ [acid rock] , A characteristic kind of rock in which loudness and beat predominate over melody; especially such music as influenced by drug experiences.

* /Paul is an inexperienced teacher and he acts high and mighty with his students./ [actions speak louder than words] What you do shows your character better and is more important than what you say. He is the best player on the team./ [act of faith] An act or a deed that shows unquestioning belief in someone or something. * /He tried to act out a story that he had read./ 2. * /All his life he tried to act out his beliefs./ [act up] , 1. * /The dog acted up as the postman came to the door./ 2. * /We thought many people would come to lunch, but only a few came./ - Sometimes used like an adverb. * /He played tennis after a fashion./ * /The roof kept the rain out after a fashion./ Compare: IN A WAY. I'd like to come after the dust settles."/ [again] See: COME AGAIN, EVERY NOW AND THEN or EVERY NOW AND AGAIN, NOW AND THEN or NOW AND AGAIN, OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN or ON AGAIN, OFF AGAIN, SOMETHING ELSE AGAIN, THEN AGAIN, TIME AND AGAIN, YOU SAID IT or YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN. * /John ran around the track against time, because there was no one else to race against./ 2.

* /It was a real act of faith on Mary's part to entrust her jewelry to her younger sister's care./ [act of God] An occurrence (usually some sort of catastrophe) for which the people affected are not responsible; said of earthquakes, floods, etc. To work or run poorly (as a after all machine); skip; miss. * /Three students have no seats; we need a few more chairs./ * /If we can set up chairs faster than people come and sit in them, we will soon be a few ahead./ - Sometimes used with "very" for emphasis. As fast as possible; so as to do or finish something before a certain time.

[a hell of] a [or one hell of a] , Extraordinary; very.

* /Many words are pronounced according to the spelling but some are not./ * /The boys were placed in three groups according to height./ 2. * /According to the Bible, Adam was the first man./ [according to one's own lights] In accordance with one's conscience or inclinations. An ace given to a player face down so that other players in a card game cannot see it.

* /Hurricane Andrew destroyed many houses in Florida, but some types of insurance did not compensate the victims, claiming that the hurricane was an act of God./ See: FICKLE FINGER OF FATE. * /Th car acted up because the spark plugs were dirty./ [add fuel to the flame] To make a bad matter worse by adding to its cause; spread trouble, increase anger or other strong feelings by talk or action. * /Mary's first novel promised to be excellent; however, her editor suggested that she should add some finishing touches before accepting it./ [add up] 1. * /Uncle Ralph gave away almost all of his sea shells, but he still had a very few left./ Compare: A LITTLE. * /It was a race against the clock whether the doctor would get to the accident soon enough to save the injured man./ 3. * /The outlaw talked against time with the sheriff, hoping that his gang would come and rescue him./ [age] See: ACT ONE'S AGE or BE ONE'S AGE, DOG'S AGE or COON'S AGE, LEGAL AGE or LAWFUL AGE, OF AGE, OVER AGE, UNDER AGE. [Agent Orange] A herbicide used as a defoliant during the Vietnam War, considered by some to cause birth defects and cancer, hence, by extension, an instance of "technological progress pollution". * /He studies all the time, because he wants to stay ahead of his classmates./ 2. * /The troop leader walked a few feet ahead of the boys./ 3. * /Betty finished her test ahead of the others./ [ahead of the game] , 1.

[act one's age] or [be one's age] To do the things that people expect someone of your age to do, not act as if you were much younger than you are. O'Brien was playing tag with the children at the party. * /By criticizing his son's girl, the father added fuel to the flame of his son's love./ * /Bob was angry with Ted and Ted added fuel to the flame by laughing at him./ [add insult to injury] 1. * /He added insult to injury when he called the man a rat after he had already beaten him up./ 2. * /We started on a picnic, and first it rained, then to add insult to injury, the car broke down./ [addition] See: IN ADDITION. * /If things continue as they have, we'll all be eating some Agent Orange with our meals./ [ago] See: WHILE AGO. * /The meat loaf did not agree with him./ * /The warm, sunny climate agreed with him, and he soon grew strong and healthy./ [ahead] See: DEAD AHEAD, GET AHEAD. In a position of advantage; winning (as in a game or contest); ahead (as by making money or profit); making it easier to win or succeed.

* /A basketball player may know he did not foul, but he must abide by the referee's decision./ * /The members agree to abide by the rules of the club./ [a bit] A small amount; some.

[abide by] To accept and obey; be willing to follow.

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