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Use the online calendar to pick a time that is best for you.

You can schedule a 15 minute phone call, live video call or an in office Strategic Planning Consultation.

Feel free to drop me an email, but be patient because I may not respond immediately, but I will respond. I have also received a number of emails in which I have been asked to address certain topics on the blog.

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I deleted and reinstalled Buddy Press plugin but it didn't help.

I have contacted support forums for Multisite Shared Menu plugin and for Buddy Press but am not getting any responses.

This is what I do, I am a professional matchmaker and I love what I do so I will help in any way possible.

I am using WP 4.8, BP 2.8.2, Generate Press Child Theme, but the issue is also there using Twenty-Sixteen.I have treid POF and you get what you pay ofr (it is free and it stinks). I am tired of being home watching TV or seeing happy couples everywhere. So after experimenting with some sites with ads hoping to generate some intital response since i can not e mail unless i join, I am ready to take the plunge again. I am so surprised that so many people use the corporate sites like So has anyone found any sites that really work for an average guy?Sure, now that my house is rented out, there’s no reason for me to fly back across the Atlantic, but we also don’t need to rush to get to other continents. In this next vote, I’ve included some of the locations rated in various travel articles as the most romantic cities in Europe. Remember, you may vote once per day per electronic device. We’ll get there eventually, but let’s have another glass of Glüwein or two, shall we? Get me there and I’ll try to find Mister Right (or perhaps Mister Right Now). Remember, you can vote for one of the locations listed or click “other” and write in your own nomination for This vote ends January 20th, 2015 at pm Eastern Standard Time – that’s pm Western Standard Time, pm in England and. Two out of our five winners so far have been from the “other” category after some E-mail, Facebook and Twitter campaigns, so tell your friends if you have a location in mind.

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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of married men and women texting outside their marriage with the opposite sex and it began innocently, discussing topics about their kids’ school or their spouse’s new job, and then all of a sudden finding themselves in a heated conversation about how their spouse doesn’t want to talk about their feelings or that they noticed the other at the gym, commenting on how they like their tight-fitting gym clothes.