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I’m here to help you, but first I need to ask you a few important questions, and I need you to think about them carefully: Have you ever had a man you were interested in–maybe even someone you really cared about–all of a sudden become “distant” and withdrawn… Or maybe you began to develop strong feelings for a man and you wanted to be with him and only him…but he seemed ambivalent and “wishy-washy” about the situation.But the truth is there Men in these situations are rarely any help.

I’m also embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve actually SAID both of the “excuses” I mentioned above on MORE than one occasion.The kind who spontaneously gets “scared” when a relationship gets close and intimate, and the kind of guy that can make a close, loving, lasting relationship seem IMPOSSIBLE. But let me let you in on a couple of secrets, the first of which you MIGHT already know: because they haven’t met THE ONE they are really looking for.Most men have pulled away from a woman because they weren’t “ready for a relationship…” or because they “got nervous” or “wanted to take things slow.”I’ll admit it. In fact, over the years I’ve seen every one of these guys bring their playing to a screeching halt when they met someone they were REALLY into.Don’t put yourself on the path of a woman who, out of pain and fear, has accepted for herself a loveless life, and a permanently disconnected and lonely heart.This program will allow you to create and experience more attraction and love in your life…

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So was there anything you could have done about it? It’s actually quite simple to give a man that powerful “gut feeling” that tells him you are “the one.”It all comes down to understanding attraction: how it works with men, how to create it, and the difference between lasting, burning, lifelong attraction, and the kind that flames out faster than it started. In it, I focus on the critical skills of building attraction and setting the foundation for more long term attraction from the very start.…With an emphasis on the things a man DOESN’T say…

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