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A byproduct of a committed long-term relationship is the vulnerability of increasing the importance of our partner.

Creating distance leads to sexual boredom and low desire. No one desires to be rejected by the person they value and cherish most.

When we place our partner’s acceptance over our integrity, we limit our eroticism to ways that we know will receive acceptance.

The more she wanted him, the more vulnerable she felt.Exploring new areas of our sexuality and hidden eroticism is far easier to try in a one-night-stand or an affair than in a committed relationship.There’s no history of who you’ve been in the past that, in your head, castrates you from showing your partner who you want to become sexually in the future.To accept realistic differences and vulnerabilities that all long-term relationships give birth to takes a conscious effort to stand in the threshold between the life you’ve grown to love, and the sexually passionate love life you want.Some people fear this so much that they never actually pick their partner because they don’t want to want.

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