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He added: "Fundamentally, the way that we thought about it at K-HOLE is that people used to be born into communities and were sort of thrust into the world and had to find their own individuality.

And I think today people are born individuals and are trying to find their communities." Adspeak Marketers are obviously going crazy about normcore.

", you would be looking for the following: young types who go out of their way to take anything interesting out of their appearance and appear, for all intents and purposes, 100% normal.

What would make it hard, of course, is to spot the difference between someone truly normal and someone actually normcore.

The thought of being mistaken for someone truly normal may seem terrifying to late normcore adopters, but Emily Segal of K-HOLE offers this advice: "It's about welcoming the possibility of being recognisable, of looking like other people" – and "seeing that as an opportunity for connection, instead of as evidence that your identity has dissolved".

This week in Savage Love, which you can check out here, Dan answers a couple of questions — from the existential crisis of a straight woman who wants to see a man in lady panties to condom safety in gay threesomes.

The only way to know would be to go up to them and ask.

My second boyfriend found it degrading and wouldn’t do it.

I think there are two things holding me back: (1) I’ve never even heard of this fantasy, and that makes me feel like a creep. (2) I know the first time I will giggle with joy and I’m afraid that will be a big buzzkill if my hypothetical future boyfriend thinks I’m laughing at him.” Savage assuages LWAM’s fears, telling her: “This fantasy makes you more sexually and romantically marketable than you seem to realize, LWAM.

Roof_Topper: How this guy gets on so many rooftops we’ll never know, but were not going to start asking questions.

He’s fearless when it comes to climbing the highest points in the city, which results in some pretty spectacular shots you typically wouldn’t get to see.

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