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A male model hasn’t had this kind of fame since Tyson Beckford. “Girls say they love me and stuff,” he replies with a dismissive shrug when I ask about the kind of messages he receives through social media. “They took me to this really traditional Chinese restaurant,” he recalls. “No, I think it would look cooler over here,” he responds. *This article appears in the August 10, 2015 issue of New York Magazine.

Margot Robbie plays a pickpocket-turned con artist and gambler in the new comedy thriller Focus, but the biggest gamble the actress herself made was leaving Australia for Hollywood. “It didn’t feel like a gamble at the time,” she says, as self-assured as she is beautiful.

On the runway, he commands a Bond-villain-esque presence.

Lucky is fairly well known here — for a male model, at least — but he’s extremely, and somewhat inexplicably, famous in China, where they call him “Little Fresh Meat,” a common nickname for young good-looking men.

On a feature film, you’re very aware that there is a lot of money invested in you, what you look like and how you’re perceived and it’s daunting, but on a soap there’s so much pressure to be technically perfect.”Still, she got itchy feet.

Lucky Blue, who is not a racehorse, as his name might suggest, but rather a six-foot-three, 17-year-old model, is learning how to dance. Lucky is just a kid, after all, which can be hard to square with his smoldering gaze in the new Tom Ford campaign or his Nordic-vampire visage in the Annie Leibovitz–directed Moncler shoot.

Today’s lesson is worst-case-scenario prep for Lucky Blue’s upcoming appearance on The Ellen De Generes Show the following week, in case De Generes requests a short boogie from her guest, as she often does. His step-touch has a jitteriness that makes it look like he’s tiptoeing around dog poop. Use your lanky arms — let them swoop you this way and that.” Lucky starts swinging his arms, his face scrunched in painful concentration. Or any other 17-year-old boy forced by social circumstance to dance.

They stand around the food table awkwardly, even more so since they don’t really eat.

They dance in little closed circles like high-schoolers.

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“Just tell us our music is okay enough to dance to.” Later, when I’m introduced to Lucky’s sisters and parents, they’re so imposingly big-eyed and blond that my Jewish fight-or-flight nerves kick in. “The year Lucky turned 7, we had a rock-and-roll Christmas,” Dallon, who works with the band, tells me. I start to bow out, but an arm belonging to one of the tall blond children pulls me back in. “Whenever someone has a big project, we write it on an index card and it goes up on the wall. At times he even seems a little over his head, like that Anne Hathaway movie where she takes off her glasses and wakes up a princess and is like, “What is high tea? He’s so fluid and precise that watching him feels like yoga for the eyes.

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