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Miami Beach, Florida, D-6402, D- 6403.— Miami, Florida, D-6402, D-6403.

1583-1585 For rayon : Color contrast and the deep V neck- line. Comparison of modern types of grind- ing mills — R-6110. For oil circuit breakers : Allis-Chalmers oil circuit break- ers—type FZ0.50-B6003— July 1940— section 2671. — Chimney Tops and Newfound Gap highway as seen from the Loop un- derpass, OB-H2334.— Gatlinburg, Tenn., Mountain view hotel, OB-H2388.— Greetings from the Great Smoky Moun- tains National Park, OB-H2338.— Hen- dersonville, N. 5336 ft.,-OB-H2309.— Loop-over on Newfound Gap highway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, OB-H2330.— Minneapolis, Minnesota, Campus views of the university of Minnesota, OB- H2444. C, Assembly inn and Lake Susan, OB-H2397.— Montreat, N. 1270-1303 Appalachian scenic highway, cross- ing the Blue Ridge Mountains, OB- H2387. C, Administration building, Appalachian State teachers' college, OB-H2401.— Bridge over Lin- ville River and gorge on Blue Ridge parkway, western North Carolina, OB- H2390. C, View of valley and Pisgah Mountain range from Jump-off, OB-H2407.— Hitch-hiker in the Great Smoky Moun- tains National Park, OB-H2339.— Horseshoe Bend on Little Tennessee River, near Great Smoky Mountains National Park, OB-H2391.— Lookout tower on top of Wayah Bald Mountain, alt.

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Waterman (Clare) 1534 Cayuga County judicial & executive offices.

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