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) Our 13 year old Grand-daughter shared a video on her FB that her friend posted on Utube. Now, it made me feel pretty uncomfortable - it's had over 2,000 views WTF? I've got a You Tube and created a channel for her to watch things on that I picked.So I had a look on Utube and it's a f**king paedo paradise! I monitor her online, she loves cartoons and craft making shows. I say no - it might be more work for you on your end to upload videos for him/her etc., but don't see why he/she would need an account.He knows he is never to show his face though, and I have turned off comments on his videos so we avoid the nastiness you get on there.You have to be so careful This appeared when I was googling for age restrictions on UTube accounts, (13 with parental consent, bat as we all know, easy to lie about!

It just shows the screen views of what he's doing and his voice commentary. At the minute sge usesmy google account but I am thinking of setting up her own with the highest level of parental control.

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I am against it for many reasons, possible bullying, becoming too self aware and judging herslef on the reactions of people to you tube rather than doing things in reality-if you see what I mean.

I wish other parents would stick to the 'no under 13's'rule. I signed up for a youtube account in my DS8's name, but the email is mine.

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