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Many of you will have forsaken reading altogether in anticipation of my next update.You may have burned your books or unsubscribed from your favourite blogs in protest, trying to spur me into action.

Due to being suspended from twitter today and not having much else to do, I’m back blogging.

*shrug*undies - Is what I called my son's "UNMENTIONABLES" when he was a little boy.. To me, 'panties' is way more feminin, sexual, playful etc...makes me envision something slinky, lacey, and dirty. Try putting more emphasis on the "pant" and less on the "tease"...question why is the word bra singular, while the word panties plural? Panties in a twist Just wear a thong and call it imagination.....way you don't have lines and everyone can use thier imaginations....

A List of other words referencing PANTIES: As mentioned above - Unmentionables, Gitch, Bloomers, Ball-huggers, Clitty-litter catchers, etc... i think the name fits great -the mear word panties paints a naughty picture of a delightful skimpy little thing that keeps a woman from being completely naked.-how about calling it a kitty cover Come on people...

But it is good to be missed, especially with all those purges lately.

As for Comrade Bill, I think he has gone more of the path of the dodo than Jimmy Carter; that's Obama's job after all!

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Is it just me or is he causing more problems than solving?

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