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I felt pretty damned emotional as my world got turned upside down. " she teased, "The rest of the evening is free and us girls have all the time in the world. " wheezed Angie who seemed hypnotized by my still growing appendage. It took her a moment to catch her breath and get used to a mouthful of sweating cock meat. They were going to put me in a hospital at that rate."Okay? I nodded."Okay," I agreed as they knelt up and gave me a hug. She glanced up at me and gave me a little kiss on my shoulder. My mouth fell open when she turned to Angie who was to her right and kissed her on the mouth. All three women let out a gasp of astonishment."Where the hell did you get that thing? Taking a deep breath, the older woman opened her mouth as wide as she could and with a muffled "HUMMMMpphhhh" forced her lips over the knob.

We can get to know each other and have a house warming party at the same time. Sharon broke the spell and slipped her arm through Ruth's."Come on, ladies," she winked, "We need to get cooking! All three were staring at me intently, "Do you miss the sex? I felt my mouth fall open in shock as her words rattled around inside my brain. "Sharon, you take the second, and I'll take the third. The first pulse subsided as the room began to spin and she pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth with a loud "pop" and quickly handed me over to Sharon who was as wide eyed as her friend. A little less than the first cum but still a good mouthful for her to savor and swallow.The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved sister as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Here is that story.*A few days after her funeral, I found myself standing outside my Aunt's bungalow which she had bequeathed me during the settling of her estate. I know how all this must sound to you right now but I want you to know you can trust us completely. "Wally the vibrator and Danny the dildo can only go so far," she said, butting in. Then she began to swallow my meat and we all watched in amazement as inch by throbbing inch disappeared inside her mouth.Number 145 Maple Drive was situated at the far side of a square cul-de-sac made up of four similar single bedroomed homes. She took me into the entrance to her throat and with a loud snort, pushed her face forward until her wide open lips were stretched painfully around my root."Holy shit, Angie! "For the next couple of minutes, she deep throated me.Too much fuss and nonsense had been their answer when I had raised my eyebrows."Ben," said Angie, who was sat to my immediate right, "We've been there, done that, bought the ticket. A mature world where I would have to make my own decisions and deal with whatever consequences came my way. Here, you could see, smell, and feel time passing as it was meant to be. I chided myself at my over active imagination which I put down to an over abundance of testosterone running through my system. I'm top heavy broad across the shoulders with a stoop because of it. I just look, well, awkward with an unruly mop of curly black hair that has a mind of its own. "Hey, Ben," she said cheerily, "Me and the girls were wondering if you're up for a little get together this evening. Well, at least I wouldn't be stuck in front of the tv tonight.*It had gone seven and our little arrangement was in full swing as the beer flowed and the fried chicken, grilled sausages, spaghetti and fries disappeared. The lights were dim and soft music played from the speakers. She turned to Angie who looked shocked as Ruth pulled my cock out of her mouth and shoved it in her general direction."You're kidding?!Ruth has two grand kids, I've got one on the way and Sharon got all sensible and kicked her old man out."I smiled at that. And here I was sat drinking wine and eating cherry and apple pie with three mature women who had been complete strangers only a few hours ago. Not having a girlfriend around to sort out that issue was a problem and I wasn't exactly the sort of guy to go hide in the bedroom and wank himself silly to ease the ache in the old ball sack. Well, at least the couple of times I'd tried it with that girl from college a few months back. Sharon just got another divorce cheque in the mail and wants to celebrate. We were all sat in Angie's sitting room with the three of them together on the sofa and yours truly parked in a fireside chair. All in all, I was as mellow as fuck and just sat back enjoying listening to the stories they told. " she blurted out before she swallowed me down again just as number four bathed her tonsils in a smaller amount of thinning gloop.

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