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A nonserial publication consisting of at least 5 but no more than 48 pages exclusive of covers, stapled or sewn but not bound, usually enclosed in covers of the same paper as the text (or a slightly heavier grade).

Pamphlets were first published in England to disseminate the polemical writings of 16th-century reformers but are now used mainly for material too ephemeral or too brief (500 to 10,000 words) to be printed in book form.

The style was used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries on albums, diaries, volumes of poetry, etc.

Available from library and office suppliers in various sizes, they are reusable if opened carefully. Also, to call a person by name over a public address system in a large facility, a practice avoided in libraries to minimize distraction.Front matter is usually paginated in lowercase roman numerals, text and back matter in consecutive arabic numerals. The practice of marking the pages of a written or printed document with consecutive numbers to indicate their sequence.Front matter is usually numbered in lowercase roman numerals, text and back matter in arabic numerals.'s role is determined by the agreement with the publisher, which may include writing, editing, designing, illustrating, printing, and even binding the final product.Portions of the production process may be subcontracted out to specialists. Network technology that breaks a message in digital format into tiny parcels of no more than 128 characters, each with the same destination address, then routes them separately as transmission circuits become available.

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To see examples, try a keywords search on the term in Leaves of a palm-like tree, trimmed to uniform size, flattened, and polished for use as a writing surface in India, Tibet, and Southeast Asia.

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