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This will either state RCP/TCP, RPC/HTTP or MAPI/HTTP and allows you to see whether you are making use of the old (RPC) or the new (MAPI) HTTP connection.

When I removed the ASM piece, it started working fine.

While the direct answer is “yes, it can be configured”, the reality is that it might not actually really matter anyway for most configurations. The description for the HTTP connection doesn’t really hold true anymore as the HTTP connection can also be used internally.

In fact, over the past few Exchange versions, the trend was to move away from the direct RCP connections and towards HTTP connections, even internally.

As metered connections are often already faster than that, you might want to increase this threshold value so it will still consider a connection slow even at a higher speed.

As usually wired and Wi Fi connections are much higher than 8Mbps, you could for instance choose that as the new threshold so any connection speed below that would be considered slow.

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