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The relative lack of long story arcs and constant return to status quo.Young Bubblegum leaps to mind, with Finn regrowing his arm being especially egregious to fans (due to the loss of his arm being foreshadowed for several seasons, yet only lasting four episodes).However, Mushroom War apparently killed them all, and nukes were apparently used (as seen in intro). That implies like if radiation had enough time to disappear.

I really hope he gets called out on his behavior and cuts it out.

Sure he's an asshole, but he's also emotionally retarded, and he needs more help than he needs scorn.

(Resolved) Songs are being churned out so much that a lot of 'em aren't funny, entertaining, or necessary.

Probably the biggest reason for this being such a problem () is that Adventure Time had finally healed its poor reputation regarding its treatment of the mentally ill, and the episode "Too Old" in particular just completely and permanently shattered that image due to Lemongrab becoming and PB utterly not caring about any of the poor, abused Lemon citizens.

(though I do recognize that what some have regarded as Unfortunate Implications about Lemonhope being more "normal" is actually relative to the Lemon society; besides the electrocution and emotional abuse, a lot of the abuse leveled towards Lemonhope specifically is because the Lemongrabs cannot accept that he does not like things the way they do (whereas he doesn't fit in with the rest of the Lemonchildren whom the lemony things, sans-abuse), and that's what motivates and drives PB to save him, but it was handled just so poorly and clumsily and PB seems to have completely forgotten what compassion she previously had with the lemon people, which still leads to more Unfortunate Implications.) Related to the 11-minute time limit. I've only seen halfway through the 5th season, but Finn and FP's relationship goes from nonexistent to dating off-screen, in "What was Missing" Marceline's song implies a long-standing relationship with PB, despite the fact that I don't think either of them are shown on-screen at the same time until that episode.

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