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Social Grace,’ from Vancouver, British Columbia, told CNN that “Extreme PDA — hands under clothes, deep tongue kissing — just makes the couple look incredibly immature or, possibly, drunk.” Whatever the public thinks of your displays of affection, make sure to talk to your partner about PDA and find a compatibility level that works for both parties in the relationship.

Dear Anthony, I saw one of your Road to Cana segments that talks about romance, friendship, and intimacy as part of dating.

Meanwhile, Ben didn't care who saw him beam over his Emmy-winning flame!

PDA in the online age Of course, PDA compatibility for a couple in the post-Facebook world means more than just touching or kissing in public.

Parting thoughts: Keep PDA public-friendly One final thought of the topic of public displays of affection: remember, even though you and your partner may be over the moon with happiness, members of the general public may perceive your affections as off-putting.

While everyone should be able to express themselves freely, etiquette writer ‘Mr.

Locking your arm through your partner’s as you walk somewhere together could be a good way to determine PDA compatibility.

Cosmopolitan magazine has a few more suggestions for ways to test your PDA compatibility.

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So the rule of thumb is to avoid anything physical that can stimulate and arouse you or the other person to desire something more sexually.

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