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Through this, the public will not only be guided on what to do next with regard to their case, but also feel empowered to fight for their rights.It has also received awards from the 2016 PMPC Star Awards where it won the Best Drama Anthology, and Best Public Affairs Program from the 2nd Alta Media Icon Awards.Terre des Hommes, an international human rights organization, helped authorities crack down on over 1,000 pedophiles in 2013.Terre des Hommes activists registered online as "Sweetie," a computer-animated figure of a 10-year-old Filipino girl, to attract pedophiles.Weak judicial system In 2012, the government passed a law, making cybersex punishable in all forms. Philippine police, backed by Interpol, say they have arrested 58 suspected members of a cyber-sex extortion syndicate.Users worldwide were lured into exposing themselves via webcams and then blackmailed.

Sexting is a trend among teenagers in Germany, too. () The yet-to-be released Indian film 'Gandu' is receiving a good response at the Berlinale this year. Alforte says that not many people report about the activity, making it difficult for the authorities to arrest the people involved in the business.However, rights groups say that victims of webcam child prostitution often suffer from severe, lifelong trauma.The psychological impact of cybersex is as damaging as in cases of physical abuse.Also, the judicial process in the Philippines is very slow and it takes several years to punish a culprit.Lifetime trauma According to the police, many parents involved in child pornography trivialize cybersex and argue that posturing in front of a camera cannot be equated with real prostitution as it doesn't involve physical contact.

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One day, while walking in the streets, Karlo saw how three men abducted and killed a helpless woman.

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