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He also thought that he was being spied on most of his life.

Which may have been true, since he was enough of a dumbfuck to go to another country to cover a war, and then volunteer to fight for the losing side.

-Classwarfare I'm sure you're right about Facebook - I set up an account with them and shut it down all in the same sitting. I think all those social networking sites are actually just a marketing gimmick.

I still have a Yearbook account because I have grandkids I keep in touch with through it, but more and more I'm thinking if they want to keep in touch with granny they'd better learn how to use their e-mail.

It's of course not that 'they' are reading it all now, It's that 'they' will have access to go back and look up people,events, It's all being saved for future use,not being monitored in real time of course.

Spam and eggs..your talken about good food,we won the war on that shit..really stir fried with some free range eggs..bad atall...(ketchup)(hot-sauce).... 62 foot burning jeeziz knows that the hackers are all over Safari now. You can always block an individual ad, and it blocks malicious ads automatically. Or, if you prefer, take lines of blow out of some hooker's nose. You are aware that the quarter doesn't end until June 30th, aren't you? Of course, it's all silly, since nobody is actually required to hold fundraisers according to calendar quarters anyway. Why don't you just make the fundraisers continuous, rather than having four two month drives every year? Everybody who knows me agrees that I'm full of ideas. Currently there is an ad up here "internetodontology" in Swedish. The swiss-cheese security "model" that is Internet Explorer (and Windows generally) is the main reason why people switch to the vastly more secure Firefox. I also know that this is open-source software's weak point. When I suggested that Bush be jettisoned herebouts, I recall be derided as a mere newbie by some senior member :) But it turned out a wise suggestion, after all, it would seem. that such a wise and humble person as you obviously are showed up to steer him to the future before it's too late. Republicans want less government for the same reason criminals want less cops. She said: "What is that, a website for dirty old men? I like them, and it has nothing to do with the micro-chip you had implanted in our necks. I suppose if I put 20 ads on each page, I'd never have to run a fundraiser.

They need to know who to haul off to the camps, and who to make guards. How can I sit here, safely in my office in Denver, and not only be free to go to Taco Bell for lunch, but also free to go to Lens Crafters to get my free eye exam? _______ JMadison is a widely recognized expert in almost everything, but especially politics, money, historical stuff and sociofascism. All blog entries are crossposted from The JMadison Files The JMadison Files welcomes reasoned commentary and thoughtful analysis from anywhere on the political spectrum. It still displays the number of "new" comments, but now I can't figure out whether I've read a post or not.

They keep it running so that they can keep tabs on you. I'm still signed in as JMadison, but all of a sudden, none of the articles that I haven't read are marked as "new".

OK, you've heard that Safari is a piece of crap, and you're right. Almost as if (in this case) you've been getting your browser comparisons from Fox News, say. Lemme guess: WIRED magazine is a big-time source for you on IT and computer stuff, right? -Jeff Tiedrich quite often Less is More, and high time SC moved on from being nominally identified as a W-basher, not that I don't play a prominent part. ;-) _______ Iraq: it's not a "war", it's not a "fight", it's a WAR CRIME - and crimes cannot be won! As long as we don't start seeing those annoying popups,that you have to chase down to close out... I forget why, other than I'm reasonably certain that it had nothing to do with terrorism. Maybe a more expensive one with missiles and a camera. browsers not only transmit your service provider, they transmit your location as well.

For the record, you're (and whoever told you that crap about Firefox) was wrong. The title still stands and more people probably get it by now. But the world of thieves and miscreants expands farther and lately of more interest. Becker It's the closest thing we have to 'reality' regardless of symbolism or name..... _______ Whats really amazing is that Entropy and Evolution take place simultaneously... I could propose fifty gooder fonts, given that logos aren't designed using fonts out of the box; you tweak the type in photoshop or whatever; these present fonts are, well, in this day and age, corporate, and no longer reflective of classic avant garde (pardon that oxymoron? Mountains rather get eliminated by a single ant than by the rumor that they cannot be eliminated. I could just see pro-Romney popups,popping out of the bottom left screen telling us 'corporations are people my friend'..... I may also buy a Cox Pippin, so I can have my own fleet of drones. I ask because I just got an ad in the sidebar saying "Missing out with (my current provider)? Your service provider may be in Virginia, but your location is Flatulence, Maryland, and the browser tells all. Brave new world indeed..that Billionaire fuckhead Zucky is cashing in on all of this 'info sharing', I get adds for 'stop Romnies war on women',which living in a red part of purple state (Mo.almost went for OB in 08,it was close... Anyway no doubt the DNC or what ever has determined this to be a good 'anti-Romney' strategy in this zip code... I think that they're trying to use you to spread just enough misinformation to terrify the millions of people who read this site everyday into compliance. (Karl Marx and several others) Be careful with Face Book,if you don't entirely 'log out' after a session,they are definitely tracking your cookies,and some speculate they even do it when completely logged out.

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Jeff has been whisked away to Guantanamo Bay, and this site is now being operated by Air Force drones.

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