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Emily Woodrow, Jesse’s assistant, mercifully concludes the service with organ music before Jesse’s able to finish his final words.

He hears a woman singing in the shower and immediately leaves.

Jesse warns Chris that violence just leads to more violence.

At Annville City Hall, Mayor Miles Person tries to suppress a riot over the politically correct replacement of the town mascot, Chief Red Savage.

In Kansas, not too long ago, a woman named Tulip O’Hare races down the road in her Chevelle while fighting a gangster.

Their fight continues in the back seat as the car snakes its way through a corn field. They hear mayhem and destruction above ground, then silence. In the same flashback from earlier, a young Jesse sees his father brought to his knees and shot in the head.

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When Donnie ignores Jesse’s order to leave Chris alone, Jesse swiftly takes down Donnie and his friends. Jesse sits in a jail cell with Cassidy, who Sheriff Root believed to be Jesse’s accomplice.

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