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So if you’re doing media management or have any access to the footage, be wary of accidentally showing talent their own scenes.This is easy to avoid by asking them if they’d like to watch instead of just showing it to them.

Many actors and actresses don’t like to see any footage of themselves, even at the end of the shoot.

Whether you use Skype, i Chat, or another platform, most of them show you a tiny thumbnail of yourself in the corner during the chat.

No matter how many times I consciously try not to look at it, my eyes always drift back and I end up watching myself instead of the person I’m talking to.

As a young basketball player, my father used to coach me not to look at a player’s eyes while defending them, but at their belly button instead.

Little did I know that, years later, this advice would hold true for when you’re standing by on a film set.

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