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For example, you say: 'Tom, please give me the seven of diamonds'. In the unlikely event that you draw the seven of diamonds you get another turn; if you draw anything else it is now Tom's turn.

If Tom has it he gives it and you get another turn. If you play this variation, you need to agree whether it is permissible to ask for a card which you already hold in your hand.

It is enjoyed by children and adults alike, and can be played in about 5 to 15 minutes.

It can be played with friends, or families, and is a classic favorite.

In the more difficult variants, strategy often requires memorizing which cards each player possesses.

Then it is the next player's turn – unless the card Alice drew is the card she asked for, in which case she shows it to the other players, and she gets another turn.The player whose turn it is to play asks another player for his or her cards of a particular face value.For example Alice may ask, "Bob, do you have any threes?The player who asks must already hold at least one card of the requested rank, so I must hold at least one jack to say this.If the player who was asked (Mary) has cards of the named rank (jacks in this case), she must give all her cards of this rank to the player who asked for them.

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