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You cannot change that, but they are much happier to have you around and less likely to attack you if you acknowledge them as your superior on a continual basis. Before you open your mouth in the presence of the psycho- path, always ask yourself 'Am I being polite and professional? A psychopath will pump you for information they can use against you and others.

An easy way to do this without going over the top and coming off as a flattering fool (although you will be surprised how obvious you can be and still have them believe you) is to follow the rules of polite conversation. You can defend against this by not disclosing anything to your psychopathic boss and making sure you under- stand the privacy settings on your social media.

Your best defence is to play a dead bat and knock the ball into the pitch.

If what you are about to do (or not do – remember you can lie by omission too) would look terrible on the front page of the paper, don't do it. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything. Your safest strategy is to assume that every factual statement the psychopath makes is a lie designed to manipulate you in some way.

The key to executing this strategy is knowing and accepting that you are the victim of a psychopath.

Every time you try to interpret their behaviour using rules which would apply to you or any other empath, you will be confused, dismayed and potentially targeted.

They might allow you to claim more expenses than you are otherwise entitled to. They may allow you to take credit for something you did not do.

No matter how much the psychopath makes it seem like you're all in this together, make no mistake, they are gathering dirt on you and they will use both that dirt and the weakness you displayed to manipulate you in the future.

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