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Overall, there is nothing bad or negative about Pure Havane in my opinion.Do not blind buy, especially if you aren't inti sweet fragrances. Pure Havane gets a 9.75/10 Pure Malt gets a 9.5/10 The opening of this is one of the best openings I've smelled.. There is definitely 100% a strong cherry note in the opening along with strong sweet tobacco with the honey note.Initially, I didn't notice that big blast of cherry pipe tobacco that I was anticipating. " -"Pure Heaven" M A S T E R P I E C E: fragrance level WAOOOO! Comme le dit le déscriptif ce parfum est bien découpé en 3 parties. This puts a smile on my face,that's how good it is.Three hours later, this was barely noticeable to my friend after asking their opinion. Rusty tobacco with a small sensation of camphor and subtle smell of cherries, I feel a rich explosion of smoke pipe and cigarette. I'm using it now in the medium heat and it....luxuriates in it. Ma préférée est la dernière mais avant ça il faut passer par ce coté sirop de cerise... That honey and tobacco combo in the opening is mind blowing! Overall Score: 9.5/10 I recently ordered Pure Malt because I really wanted to own it--it has such a nice smell to it and I savor it every single time I wear it. :-) Pure Havane can also be worn in a hot humid (summer) weather as well; as it does have a tropical/Caribbean vibe due to how the tobacco scent was formulated with all the other notes.I walked into my local Hudson's Bay and discovered this was available for purchase. I bought this a few years ago and wear it on occasion, but I have to be in the mood for it. Je trouve plutôt qu'il ressemble à Kokorico de JPG au moins en ouverture ou on retrouve le même accord patchouli/cacao.

This hurts me to post this as a big Mugler fan but the days of having this fragrance near the top of my buy list are over. This is a high quality niche smell for a designer price. Je ne vois pas le rapport avec Tobacco Vanille auquel on le compare souvent.It`s a nice flanker,well blend it,but i don`t know why,i feel that it`s not having an great sillagge on me. The dry down is gorgeous as well, once its similar to other a*men dry downs with some cherry and other times the amber is taking over and im getting delicious amberish dose with some cherries and vanilla.When pure malt is always buttery crumble cookies this one has very playful drydown. It has very laidback cool and free attitude that makes me want to reach my hand to this frag every day.In the dry down the vanilla is prominent with the tobacco and patchouli..very good fragrance, decent projection (2 feet ish), very good longevity (8-10 hrs) ! Imagine yourself in a warm wooden room with a box of cigars, a chocolate box, and a honey pot in front of you. Honey sweetness and then vanilla sweetness while the tabacco plays in the background.

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