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Methods to determine the genetic sex are also necessary to study mice with partial or complete sex reversal.These mutations have been found in a number of genes involved in sex determination and sex differentiation.This assay provides a rapid and reliable method to identify the genetic sex of mice across different mouse strains. Karger AG, Basel In mice, like in most mammals, genetic sex is determined at the time of fertilization when the X chromosome-bearing oocyte receives an X or a Y chromosome from the sperm.

According to a new report published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, the lack of a penis bone in human males may be a consequence of monogamy and quick sex.

Prompted by the extraordinary differences in penis bone length found in the animal kingdom, scientists set out to reconstruct the evolutionary story of the baculum, by tracing its appearance in mammals and primates throughout history.

They found that the penis bone evolved in mammals more than 95 million years ago and was present in the first primates that emerged about 50 million years ago.

However, in these assays, female genetic sex is concluded based on the absence of a PCR amplicon.

To overcome this limitation, several PCR assays have been developed that combine detection of Sry and/or Zfy with the amplification of an X-chromosomal gene or an autosomal gene as internal control.

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