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Detective Harmon tells him she didn’t find any new leads and that CPS isn’t prosecuting Laura’s case. Andrew warns Tom that he knows about his affair with Katy. Makeda worries that her father will send her back to Ethiopia, as he did with her sister for dating someone. As Laura wheels Makeda out of the hospital in a wheelchair, Andrew tells Makeda’s father that Makeda had been dehydrated. Detective Harmon visits Laura at work and informs her about the suspicions over Andrew’s ex-wife’s suicide. Andrew informs Luke that the rape charges are being dropped. In a flashback to the date, Andrew pours wine at Laura’s apartment and slips some pills into Laura’s drink.

Pixar has also unveiled a new photo, which features a look at Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, along with several of his deceased family members in the Land of the Dead.

She also worries that no one will believe her rape accusation once they learn she dropped her accusation against Dennis. Dennis complains how easy it is for women to accuse men of rape. At school, Laura sees blood on Makeda’s leg and guesses that she’s pregnant. At a pub, Dennis describes the sexual harassment incident to Andrew.

At a cafe, Liam (Richie Campbell) overhears a woman telling her friends that she suspects her husband of having an affair because he stays out late and buys her a lot of gifts. Andrew immediately leaves when he realizes that Dennis did in fact harass Laura. Makeda asks her to find Luke, who is the baby’s father.

Back in her apartment, Laura has a flashback to her date with Andrew: Andrew laughs at her for owning a stuffed animal bunny.

Dennis Walters (Peter Davison) meets with Andrew and tells him that Laura accused him of sexual harassment when she taught at the school where he was headmaster. Makeda (Tsion Habte), a student at Laura’s school, quietly grabs a package delivered to her family’s home.

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