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They released two albums, but the group soon disbanded as Ou Di left for the military, but upon his return, they both separately became disciples of Hu Gua to learn to become TV hosts and MC's.From 2000 to 2002, Show concentrated on hosting several variety shows, he was given the "Triple Crown" title for hosting the three most popular variety shows at that time, which were also based on comedy. In 2003, Show signed with Avex Taiwan and launched his solo career with the release of his first album Show Time, selling over 80,000 copies.Along with 3 other contestants including Ou Di, who impersonated Jacky Cheung, they debuted as a quartet boy band in Taiwan.The boy band quickly disbanded as two members left for compulsory military service, which Show was exempted from because he has Gluteal Fibrotic Contracture (commonly known as frog extremity).The song “Audience” is about love, of course, and for the MV Rainie brought together the three most important men in her life as a star.

) Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai surprised fans with an appearance at Show Luo's Taipei concert in January 2013...

The lead track, "Dance Gate" is a cover of "James Dean (I Wanna Know)" by Daniel Bedingfield.

For the album, he sang a full length English song for the first time, "Twinkle", with Japanese singer Koda Kumi.

Their job was holding entertainment shows for different events such as wedding.

Luo started playing drums when he was three and performed onstage during his childhood.

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For his second album, Expert Show, he collaborated with his co-host Xiao S on the duet "Love Expert".

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