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”) It’s only recently that millennials have climbed far enough up the corporate ladder to begin to exert influence over the culture of their offices, but once they did, a communications shake-up was inevitable: A 2012 Pew study found that only 6 percent of teenagers email every day, while 63 percent text daily.“Slack just nailed the user interface at the exact moment when people were finally like, , he sent his first Slack to me at p.m., and I lasted exactly three hours and 32 minutes before I used the chat to gossip about a mutual acquaintance.

In ’s New York office, managers sit in offices around the perimeter while the rank and file linger in the middle; while bosses are free to convene closed-door meetings, it’s hard for underlings to have a private word unless they physically leave the premises.

Vogt, 29, brought Slack to Gimlet soon after the company launched and is a true believer.

(Slack has also advertised on Vogt’s show.) But Vogt’s older boss, Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg, is still struggling to catch on.

(staffers to guess how many messages are public, answers ranged from 20 percent to 80 percent; that’s a long way from 4 percent.

The real numbers are “insane,” Lowder Slacked when he heard them.

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