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Recently, in China, the OS X developer kit for i OS had a backdoor built in that gave hackers nearly unlimited access to i Phones in China. Finally, if those methods don't work, I would simply contract with Vupen or one of the other zero-day exploit writers, to find a vulnerability in those operating systems and then exploit them, giving me access. With this much horsepower, I would hash every possible password and put it into my database.In that way, breaking hashed passwords would simply be a table lookup taking seconds.I sometimes hear news articles about hackers managing to get a list of usernames/emails and passwords from a given site, and I also hear news articles about how little entropy there is in some people's passwords, and how common some of the most common passwords are.

Rock You, Ebay in 2015, Ashley Madison, all the result of poor passwords.

I just entered a random, weak code which I knew was fairly common, and got access straight away on my first try. And in 2015, Verizon estimated 63% of data breaches used stolen, default, or weak passwords.

I don't feel like registering to download the full report from Verizon so I'm not sure how many were stolen vs.

These would be similar to the spy blimp Raytheon just launched over Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD to track every movement—of every one—in those areas. Now, with a data center, supercomputer, 2.5 billion facial profiles, facial recognition software, access to almost every smartphone on the planet, access to every internet-connected surveillance camera, and additional surveillance cameras in the sky and on the ground, my God's Eye would be complete and I would still have change left from my billion.

On second thought, maybe I don't need to build God's Eye.

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The question Are there any examples of huge damages done by password leaks, or bad password management policies?

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