Rss feeds not updating ie7

You can also back up your favorites when you back up the feeds.

Press "Alt-C" to display the Favorites box, click the arrowhead next to "Add to favorites" and click "Import and export." Select "Export to a file," click "Next," select "Feeds" and "Favorites," and then follow the instructions to back up the feeds and favorites.

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Internet Explorer 11 can save Really Simple Syndication feeds from frequently updated websites in the Feeds or Favorites folder.

You can delete the RSS feeds if you no longer want to see the latest updates or if the website is no longer being updated by its developers.

Firefox does a good job at displaying the data of the RSS feed.

I typically use Internet Explorer for most of my browsing needs.

I have always found that IE handles RSS feeds better then most of the other browsers.

If you are using Windows Vista, you already have rss reader functionality aboard, because Windows Vista comes with RSS capabilities out of the box.

But even if you are a Windows XP user with Internet Explorer 7, you are fully equipped with RSS reader functionality.

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It however can not get top marks because although it does know how to display the output it doesn’t understand the META text of the categories from the RSS feed.

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