Savior complex in dating

A self-appointed hero takes to an emotionally damaged, misunderstood individual and makes it his or her mission to save people from whatever has seemingly caused such a wound.

Maybe they’ll become best friends, or maybe they’ll even fall in love.

Mahesh Mishra (name changed), a 31-year-old IT professional too, believes he suffers from the Saviour Complex.

"We began as friends but later I fell in love with a colleague at work, who was already engaged to somebody else.

It ends up being a one-sided relationship where one person is always the saviour, says Hingorrany.She recounts the case of one of her patients, a 23-year-old girl.As a child, she was denied love and attachment by her busy parents.If this reads like the story of your life, you're probably suffering from what is called the 'Saviour Complex'. But being in a relationship with such men has been bad for me.Case study Sonam Khurana (name changed), 25-year-old media executive, believes she suffers from Saviour Complex. I end up feeling emotionally drained, stressed and messed up.

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I provided support for her professional, emotional, financial and personal issues as well. Later, she married her fiance and now I feel cheated and distraught that she doesn't need me anymore." What is it?

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