Saying i love you before dating

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) “I love you” should not be taken lightly because of its biblical definition. It has a kingdom impact that we can’t always see or understand. Though we may fail, the love of Christ in us will not.

There are milestones in every relationship: becoming “exclusive,” moving in together and getting married are all momentous steps to take. *shudders* It’s a cringe-worthy prospect and can leave you feeling vulnerable.

But another big one is the first saying of “I love you.” Whilst we love our mums, dogs and halloumi, being What if they don’t feel the same way? So how do you know when is the right time to say those three little words?

We knew we loved one another as friends before we became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Though our eight-day “I love you” would be too soon for other couples, it was guided by the following principles.

One woman recently posed the dilemma in a Mumsnet forum: “I think my new boyfriend wants to say it but doesn’t want me to not say it back, so he seems to be saying it in a jokey way or a roundabout way recently,” she wrote.

She said they’d been “official” for two months but have been dating for four to five, and asked other women to share their experiences.

More plausible advice assumes that there is no precise formula for when to say "I love you," and that you should say it whenever you .

Another woman uttered the L-word three weeks in, they’ve now been together for five and a half years and are getting married this autumn.

She wisely added: “There’s no magic date because each couple is unique and special and will do it at different times.

Even though we had both committed not to say “I love you” until we meant it the 1 Corinthians 13 way (a fact written into our wedding vows), we said we loved one another much quicker than the average couple.

Josh and I were at peace saying “I love you” so soon because we had built a We were friends before we dated.

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