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Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe and disabling brain disorder with severe symptoms like Hallucinations, paranoia, delusions and altered perceptions of reality.Scientists believe several genes are associated with an increased risk of schizophrenia, but that no gene causes the disease by itself.In extreme cases, like the delusional phase of illness, a schizophrenic person may have distorted perceptions of reality which is why even the most simple of activities by you could be misinterpreted and then cause the schizophrenic partner to begin making accusations that are unfounded.Thus your date may accuse of cheating on him/her or having an affair behind his/her back which though completely unfounded may seem only too real to him/her.So if you are still not seeing this person seriously, consider whether you will be able to get emotionally involved with someone who requires long term treatment and support.Be informed At the same time however, there are many people with schizophrenia who are leading rewarding and meaningful lives in their communities.

You may be required to give more and expect less from the relationship which over time can prove to be exhausting and unsatisfactory.

Schizophrenics also have trouble reading social cues, which can lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

Then again Intimacy is affected by both the disease and the drugs used to treat it.

Schizophrenics may experience a decreased interest in sex, and certain medications used to treat schizophrenia can also cause a decrease in libido.

All this may create a high level of stress which can push the partner of a schizophrenic person into depression.

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