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Also had intense sweating, feelings of sadness and guilt, became critical of everything I did and very irritable.This medication has decreased the amount of pain from Burning Mouth Syndrome and Sjogren's.I have to take my moms Ativan to calm my nerves on this stuff I'm all on edge and twitchy.All in all it's not that bad, the side effects are off putting but the med is cheap and it's has greatly improved my tension headaches. I have no side effects with only 10 mg of Elavil and I am feeling better after two week.For panic attacks, I would prefer calming, but will settle for numbing.

After a week I began to feel paranoid and depressed, went to doctor and she said it was my generalised anxiety disorder flaring up as elavil blocks my natural serotonin.

It has the added bonus of removing or lessening any depressing thoughts.

I take 2.5 hours before I plan to go to sleep in order to lessen issues with waking up.

My right eye has been twitching for 2 weeks since I upped my dosage.

It did help the migraines, definitely isn't helping my anxiety and is mildly helping my urinary issues (frequency, urgency) but I changed my diet and eliminated as much sugar as possible which is probably why my bladder is feeling better.

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MI left the best job I ever had, lost my wife & family, my house.

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