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I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) experienced in working with addicts and their partners, adolescents and couples struggling with sexual, love and relationship addictions, sexually compulsive behaviors and their impact on partners, marriages, and families.I facilitate creation of programs for recovery from addictions, marital betrayal, and divorce.Now in its third century, the Society promotes the public interest in the revolution through its library and museum collections, publications, and other activities.It is the oldest hereditary society in the United States.

You’ll have so much fun snapping pics and learning about a new place that you’ll definitely learn about each other as well! Whether you introduce your date to your favorite ethnic cuisine or you try something new to the both of you, taking food risks can be a great bonding experience. If you’re rooting for the same team, it’s a great bonding opportunity — and if your teams are playing against each other, you can place some bets. Maybe you’ll go just to listen to some brave participants, or maybe the two of you will decide to take on the mic yourselves for a duet!

1) Operating from a psycho-dynamic and attachment-based counseling perspective, I work collaboratively with a client to uncover the sources of emotional, relational, and psychological distress resulting in a purposeful and hope-filled life. Healthy Individual Healthy Individual = Thriving Couple Psychology Today verifies the information at the time a therapist is initially listed in the directory and then upon expiration of the professional's credentials.

If you find any of the information in Psychology Today directory to be inaccurate in any way, please tell us by emailing: [email protected] assume full responsibility for the communications with any therapist you contact through Psychology Today directory.

Check out a site like Wine & Design or Pinot’s Palette to find a Paint and Sip location near your campus. You might learn some unexpected things about your date (like that he’s a total history buff or an avid fan) that you wouldn’t learn from your usual get-to-know-you conversation. Find an indoor rock climbing facility and spend an afternoon scaling some walls with your date (bonus—you can show off your bod in some yoga pants! “This guy from one of my classes asked me out by suggesting we go rock climbing sometime,” says Rebecca Nelson, a junior at UMass Amherst.

Go to Find Local to find a bar or pub hosting trivia near you. “I was so used to the usual coffee date that I took him up on it right away — and we had a blast! Seeing a local comedy show is the perfect opportunity to see just how compatible you and your date are — and it’s a great way to break the ice!

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