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EQO is launching a new version of their mobile client.

Huge number of heroes allows you to complete levels again and again in different ways with the help of unique abilities. Enemies are very strong and use the latest weapons.

Strong bosses are waiting for you at the end of each location.

What essentially happens is that your phone an EQO server on a local number, which transfers your call onto cheaper data lines across the internet, and then hops back onto standard phone lines and through another local number to the callee.

The call only costs you minutes from your phone plan and the data cost for the VOIP line which runs 95-98% less than standard calling rates.

Chat, make new friends, play online games, share photos and much, much more!

Select strategies, place players and substitute them. Game features: X Man 3 - is a continuation of the adventures of popular mutants. You are going to penetrate an enemy base and destroy all enemies.

IM contacts will be added when EQO logs in to your networks with the credentials you supply (credentials stored on phone, not their servers).

Like most other players in this space, EQO helps save you money on long distance calls by bridging long distance calls over cheaper IP lines.

Callers will store value for phone calls in EQO credits. EQO’s IM system includes elements of presence, meaning you can tell which of your friends is online or offline of EQO or your IM networks.

Presence can be somewhat tricky with clamshell phones, which stop running applications when the phone is closed.

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