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We drove in silence for 20 minutes down East Coast Road, a highway jammed with motorbikes, passing brightly colored tea and samosa stalls.

In a sharp, 90-degree turn, the taxi lurched off the highway onto an unmarked dirt road where a wall of leafy trees brought the chaos and the color to a jolting stop. —a venture in which Marxist-flavored socialism met anarchy.

One of the bedrooms had an air conditioner, and the family huddled around it during the scorching daylight hours.It was the first solar panel I’d seen in my 10 months in India.And one of hundreds, if not thousands, I’d come to see during my stay in Auroville.Eventually we hit a giant, Buckminster Fuller–esque golden dome that sprouted from the ground. A few foreigners disappeared inside, while others slipped out.Some lingered cross-legged on benches beneath shady trees, meditating in the blistering heat.

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There is no money, no government, no religion, no skyscrapers or expressways, no newspapers with headlines of war, poverty, and genocide.

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