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The University Archives, located at the UWSP Library (see Map) houses three major collections of interest to Portage County genealogy researchers.The first is the Portage County Historical Society Collection.A microfilm and microfiche reader, photocopier, and scanner are available. Records dating from the inception of the branch, including a record book with minutes of meetings, membership rolls (including some for the Junior Red Cross), records of receipts and disbursements, and lists of manufactured items sent to the Portage County Chapter in Stevens Point, 1917-1924; two letters from the Portage County Chapter, 1923; and two bills submitted by a doctor and a hospital for payment by the Red Cross, 1923.Contains proceedings of town meetings and town board meetings, reports of various town officers and town board, certified statements of election results, accounts of the town with the town treasurer, chattel mortgages filed, oaths of office, and liquor sellers' bonds.When visiting or contacting the Archives, be sure to provide all the information in the citation.

The list is alphabetical by Author/Creator but the Title is more descriptive.

Baker, and the subsequent mob hanging of his killers, Amos and Isiah Courtwright. Clerk's records, 1913-1951, including minutes of district meetings, teachers' contracts, orders drawn on the treasurer, lists of school officers, census statistics for the district, and financial accounts; treasurers records noting accounts and disbursements; and four teachers' registers (1935-1941) for the Roosevelt School which list the pupils' names, attendance records, remarks concerning the promotion and progress of the students, and a register of visitors.

Financial records kept by Bentley while operating shingle mills in Marathon County, Wisconsin in the 1850's, and in Portage County, Wisconsin in Sharon Township and later on the Plover River, 1870's to 1890's. 450-463) record changes in the boundaries of school districts. Attendance Register showing teachers' reports of work accomplished, daily school program, record of visitors, reading circle records, and pupils' names, ages, grade in school, attendance records, and academic grades.

The summary above refers to the processed portion dated 1854-1888.

Additional accessions are described below, 1893-1965. Records of a fiscally troubled Arnott, Wis., bank which entered into delinquent status in 1931.

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