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I knew a few guys who hadn't been so reluctant, though. Guys who fancied a quick roll in the sack with an older man who clearly had no intention of jeopardising his marriage or his daughters for their sake. I happened to be walking back to my room with Dr Powell during the second night of our stay at the University.

There was about to be a dinner, supposedly fairly formal with a free bar afterward, and people were heading off to get dressed up. someone from catering might have a key to spare linen and stuff..." I looked over at him, feeling pretty helpless. why don't you just bring your stuff through and sleep in that for tonight...? I know what you're worried about, and you're wrong..." I blushed and looked down. it's just -" He interrupted me: "Now let's drag the mattress and bedding into here.

So there's a pretty good chance that Dr Powell really did, as Dave claimed, make a pass at him after an anatomy class one evening.

It seemed, though, that he was a guy who could take 'no' for an answer and maintain his integrity.

I think I knew just three things about Powell, other than that he lectured us in anatomy and cardiology. One of my mates had accepted his offer of a game, thinking that a guy in his mid-thirties wouldn't be much competition for an undergraduate who'd played for his school, and had been quickly and effortlessly humiliated.

Second, I knew he was married with a wife and two kids; daughters, I seem to remember.

I mean, I'd been camping with guys I knew to be gay and had shared a room with a gay friend of mine a couple of times; what was my problem now? As well as the fact that sometimes he'd appear in the pub to get a round in after lectures, complaining that he can only have one because of his wife waiting at him, but enjoying the feeling of being part of a group of guys like he used to be when he was a student himself. I was a bit surprised that a guy who spends most of time lecturing or in surgery would have such a well-built, nicely toned body.

And I realised that the idea that another guy might not want to share a room with him, just because of something he clearly saw as a bit of a hobby, was deeply insulting to him. Apart from anything else, this guy was going to be one of my lecturers for the next couple of years. I'm sorry but I really wasn't assuming anything else..." He bristled at first at my own directness but then his eyes softened a little as he appreciated the reason I'd given. "It seems that my reputation among you undergrads doesn't do me much credit..." I shrugged, smiling back. give you your space..." He said, "Well, thanks for being honest. I was also impressed by his hairy chest - for some reason, I've always kind of wished I had one myself - and liked the way his circumcised cock looked with its pink mushroom head permanently exposed.

To those of you who are like myself and get extremely turned on while watching your wife having sex with other men. Can you give an example and maybe add a picture or two of the event that most turned you on?I suppose people couldn't figure out why a married man, straight-acting in every sense of the term, would repeatedly indulge in brief, clearly primarily sexual, relationships with younger men. These days I know exactly what was going on there - know all too well what the attractions are - but at the time, I'd been just as clueless about it as everyone else was.As a guy sitting next to me in one of his lectures once said to me, "He's got all those nurses just about throwing themselves at him, and yet he goes screwing around with any young lad who'll have him. A friend of mine - a guy called Dave - once claimed that Powell had offered him some "additional attention", as he'd put it.Only three or four other students went along to it, none of whom I knew directly, accompanied by one of our lecturers, a guy called Dr Richard Powell.I didn't know Dr Powell very well until that conference and I didn't see him much afterward, but on the second night of our stay in one of the University's student residences, we became a lot better acquainted.

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Powell was criticising the medical ideology behind some of the talks he'd heard delivered that day, and I was, as a third year medical student who had found himself way over his head pretty much since getting off the Channel ferry, making pitiful attempts at intelligent responses. Smiling weakly, I asked him, "Do you know the German word for 'mattress'? " I guess my face betrayed my initial sense of apprehension, even though I knew that I wasn't the kind of guy he'd normally be interested in. I mean, it's very kind, but..." His eyes were suddenly cold and distant. And forget about it..." I felt ridiculous; like I was a little kid having to be given a stern talking to by an elder. If you don't mind and if there's no hard feelings... We'd better get changed..." To show that I really wasn't worried about sharing with him - even though, at the beginning, for some irrational reason, I had felt a little concerned by his offer - while we were getting changed I acted like I would if I was sharing with any of my mates.

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