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The level of support Trump receives has significantly lowered my opinion of the intellect civility in America. The podcast, 'Mott's Weekend', is no more..least for now.We have too much on our plate at this point with the weekend live broadcasts and the new 'The Motts Equestrian Centre'. Hi Motts I think you've got it wrong with the GM bailout.

It was way, way below the normal level -- because I had stopped eating steaks and burgers! In short dieting or attempting to limit calories simply does not work and will ultimately lead to failure.That plus cable packages that include many sports channels that you pay for whether you watch or not.You must support the sports bullies that don't want to pay for their own pleasures, they demand that you do.The only complaint I have is when they attempt to get taxpayers to pony up for new venues such as stadiums and such.Even if you don't attend sports events and don't like sports, they expect you to pay for it.

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Heard your misinformed comment about you thought the Chinese girl won.

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  1. Another reason men might be enthusiastic about female-free sex is obvious: the sociopathic, man-hating feminism we see so much of on television and in our newspapers today is turning men off dealing with women altogether.