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Be it while driving or while crossing the road, mobile phone can be a potential distraction.

We all are probably so addicted to our phones that we are unknowingly destroying our health.Results reported that radiation causes the red blood cells (RBCs) to seep hemoglobinand lead to heart complications. To identify whether the same holds true in humans, Wdowiak A and colleagues carried out a research which revealed that the group of men who used mobile phones had a decreased sperm cell count in their semen, leading to infertility.Today, every alternate person on the street has earphones plugged in.Major contributing factors to interrupted sleep pattern are getting awakened in the middle of the night due to mobile rings and vibration and increased use of mobiles post-evening until midnight.Whether you’re an i Phone, flip phone or a Blackberry user, the chances that you check your phone aggressively while travelling is undoubtedly higher.

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