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I struggled for serveral minutes and until about 45 minutes later did my friend Steve have pity on me. I would gag myself with the pantyhose then tie myself so that when I closed the handcuffs on my wrist I was in a hogtied position on the floor. The rope was cutting the circulation off of my hands. But finally 20 minutes later I told him and he loosened the ropes. I had one pair of handcuffs that I had bought from a carnival and kept the key tied to a string so that I could always free myself whenever I wanted. Hello - This is a story that i have been tied-up and gagged. He had been meaning to tie me up for months and he decided that day he would. One day ten minutes or so after I had started I heard the door knob rattle. The string for the cuffs was always within easy reach and I would often spend hours enjoying my helplessness before freeing myself.

It's never easy unlocking the cuffs behind your back and it was harder still under this kind of pressure. She knelt down beside me and took the key in her fingers. "I hope your comfortable because your going to be like this for a long time you know." as she sat, crossing her legs. She put down her cigarette and picked up the phone inorder to call in sick that day.Beth is about 5'7" 120lbs, gorgeous blue eyes, nice curves, and huge breasts. The other bandana was tied around her mouth to keep the first in.That night she had on jean shorts, a tight shirt that showed a little belly, and white socks. She playfuly mmmpphhffed a little from behind her gag. " She was rarely barefoot around me and I had just found out why. I ran a finger up and down several times, she began to flail her bound body and contort her bound feet. Lucky for her no one noticed that she came home at 3 AM. We both enjoyed bondage and took turns tieing each other up. Since we both worked different shifts, she worked during the day at an office as a secretary, I would wait for her to leave and then bring out my various belts, ties and a pair of her pantyhose. This story goes back a few years and is about an expierence I had with my live in girlfriend.

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These, I will not be able to release without a free hand.

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