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The puppet gets angry when his demands for barbecue sauce aren't met, then Tove Lo socks him in the face after he calls her a bitch.

However, as the hypnotic beat of "Disco Tits" resurfaces, the pair swiftly descend back into their haze of sex, drugs, dancing and dangerous driving.

Besides including these holistic remedies into your prostate cancer prevention and treatment plan, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians recommends avoiding non-organic foods, exposure to pesticides, non-grass-fed meats, hydrogenated oils, sugar, and processed foods.

last week, Toronto alt-r&b dream duo dvsn have shared the super sexy and low key video for "Mood." The clip is cut to look like one single shot of a woman preparing for a late-night rendezvous with dvsn singer Daniel Daley, as she pours some liquor, smokes some weed and strips down.

However the reality star no doubt feels more comfortable than ever on the ITVBe show, thanks to her relationship with Pete Wicks.The beauty added an obligatory cowgirl hat and boots to her head-turning ensemble as she served up drinks to an assortment of hunky cowboys in saloon bar.With her features enhanced with a glamorous coat of dewy make-up, heightened by her large gold hoop earrings, it wasn't difficult to see why she was catching attention from the hunky young gentleman.Her two new country singles knocked mega-star Taylor Swift off the top spot of the i Tunes charts.And Megan Mc Kenna's new music video for one of her hugely successful tune, High Heeled Shoes, has been released - and the beauty doesn't disappoint.

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