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Stefan was a lawyer, not a student, and he soon went back to Germany.

Travis rarely went to Swiss meetings, even though he stayed in the German suite all year. You’d put the cheese in salt baths, let it sit, cut off bad parts, etc.

They also said the people in Food Service would probably give me whatever salt I needed.

I don’t remember if I got to try the cheese before it turned moldy and became something it wasn’t supposed to.

The four-and-a-half-hour drive home was usually enjoyable.

Whatever the case, this was a fun project over the next few weeks.I used her big, Langenscheidt German-English dictionary to translate it, but many of the words were obsolete. It took me quite a while to read the chapters because of this.When the end of the year loomed close, Heidi decided to read the remaining chapters and report on them to me. Undine was a water fairy who had to marry to acquire a soul.It would take about an hour to drive through it, longer if the traffic was backed up.My parents liked to take the quickest way around the city, but to humor me they would often drive through it so I could see the sights.

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