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Don’t stress, you don’t need to pour your heart out or reveal all your deepest secrets.

It’s just about explaining what’s going on, asking for what you need, – whether that’s days working from home, time off for an appointment, or leaving early once a week for therapy – and making sure your boss is understanding.

When you feel rubbish mentally, it feels impossible.

There’s no easy way for you to point to evidence of how you’re feeling, no sniffly nose or cough your boss can hear over the phone, no nipping to the loos to vomit to prompt your deskmate to tell you to bloody well go home, no dodgy takeaway you can blame for the gurgling in your stomach.

Hence why we end up forcing ourselves to go work and stare at a screen while we’re mentally in a pit.Once you’ve decided that yes, actually, you do need to take a sick day for your mental health, next comes the tricky bit – actually asking for the day off. It’s important that your boss has an understanding of what you’re going through, and will be prepared if you need to take the occasional day off to deal with things.If you’re struggling, shoot your boss an email to say you need a few minutes to discuss mental health in private.There’s no easy marker like that for mental illness.But that doesn’t mean we should be forcing ourselves to work, day in, day out, when our mental health isn’t great.

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