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Depending on your connection, however, complex conversations can take place: there’s no reason for you to act coy or keep mum if that’s not the real you. Speaking up could be intriguing for the both of you, giving you the opportunity to get to know each other better.As long as you don’t sound like you’re delivering a rally speech, having an intellectual discourse could pose as a good marker of your intellectual compatibility, which is pretty important.At the very least, you’ll be spicing things up, and that’s always exciting. But of course, don’t text him 10 times non-stop – that’s way too psycho nana for anyone to handle.Don’t: Always follow first-date “rules”Do: Chill out and be yourself There’s nothing sadder than a wonderful girl who compromises on her personality just so she can have someone to call her “boyfriend”.

If you’re a die-hard traditional, do give it a shot and see what happens.

Or if the great outdoors is your thing, suggest an activity that you both can enjoy (a picnic in the park, perhaps? Don’t assume that it’s his job to make plans – you’re not a wilting flower that agrees with everything he says.

Take this opportunity to impress him with your resourcefulness, and you might both be pleasantly surprised.

People are highly subjective when it comes to love, but one thing’s for sure: they want to be with someone who makes them feel good and someone whom they enjoy looking at.

Dressing up for the occasion is one of many ways to make someone feel comfortable — no harm looking easy on the eyes!

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