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Furthermore, in the temple, “the law of chastity” is clearly stated as covenanting to only have sexual relations with one’s spouse.In my mind, “sexual relations” is clearly stated in terms of relationship.This is my question, and maybe you’ve heard from others in my position and could help to advise me. I have put it off because growing up I always understood it as something you do when you go on a mission or get married so I felt I was a failure if I wasn’t going to be married.I have gotten over that nonsense and have bought my own house and done a lot of “grown up” things I had put a hold on because I wasn’t married.Masturbation is an individual practice – not a relational one.

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They believe their partner must be bored or dissatisfied if he (she) is masturbating.

Available research however does not necessarily support this assertion and instead finds that that masturbation is actually healthy in relationships.

The bishop or counselor who is interviewing you is not supposed to deviate from these questions.

The one question which deals with sexuality goes something like this: “do you live the law of chastity? No questions on how you follow it, whether or not you are masturbating, etc.

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In spite of historical efforts depicting masturbation as a practice perniciously impacting health, current research instead finds it is an important aspect of healthy sexual development.

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