Sirius radio not updating channels

"x L" is an Marking or a Rating, in which that Means that the Channel contains Explicit Language or Mature Programming.On Sirius, It doesn't use the "x L" Rating, it just names it as "Uncensored" or "Uncut". On Direc TV listings, XM rated the XL Channels as "TV-MA" for Profanity.It came up as "call sirius for service" Hit the back arrow and choose a different station manually. When I press idrive to enter, the station disappears. When I press idrive to enter, the station disappears.Like channel 2 (hits1) My update took about 30 or 45 secs so if you're going on 30 minutes, you'll probably need to call sirius and have them resend a signal to you. If so, do a soft reset by holding both eject and volume buttons in until the i Drive re-boots....about 30 seconds. Push the controller again, and I get a message with my ESN and the number to call Sirius. Push the controller again, and I get a message with my ESN and the number to call Sirius. All the stations had the correct numbers in about 45 seconds, just my preset screen is blank, no stations can be added in, and if I click in the i Drive controller as if I was selecting a station, it will give me my ESN and the number to call Sirius. Called BMW customer service and they referred me to Sirius. I think before you call them, you'll need to have the ESN number to your radio or whatever that number is called and have your car parked outside where it'll be able to get a signal from the satellite. Tried the reboot a few times when I reached my destination and still nothing in the preset screen. i got the new stations, but can't store the presets. GL.'08 Montego Blue 335i, auto, grey leather, aluminum trim, 50% ceramic Llumar tint on all windows except windshield - all options except active steering, active cruise control, and HD radio '01 Lexus IS300 - gone but not forgotten Mine won't update it at all... If using a Dock & Play or Portable Radio, remove the Radio from its docking cradle and then reinstall to attempt to reset this message.

Turn your Sirius XM radio off, then on, to reset this message.Make sure all of the cables between your Sirius XM radio and your stereo system are connected firmly and securely.Make sure the FM mode in the Sirius XM Radio is turned Off. Check to make sure all cables are connected firmly and securely.Your radio needs to be powered on and tuned to Channel 184 for Sirius radios or Channel 1 for XM and Sirius XM radios.Make sure your antenna has a clear view of the sky before sending a refresh signal.

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