Song black man dating white girl

I was convinced that she was the woman for me to marry, even though she wasn’t black.

Some would never consider marrying someone who wasn’t the same ethnicity as them, so let me tell you why I did.

So I eventually started to ask myself, “Should I marry this girl?

” Preferences Jessica didn’t look like I expected my future wife to look, but honestly that didn’t matter to me. But as I grew in my faith and my heart changed, my preferences started changing too. It feels more like settling to overlook a godly woman merely because of her ethnicity. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with having preferences, but we have to hold them with an open hand.

This is Trip’s talk from the ERLC Summit on the Gospel and Racial Reconciliation. This evening, I’ve been asked to speak about millennials and racial reconciliation.

He loves television, movies, fitness, playing piano, and writing articles worth reading.

I just wanted to grow in my faith and get a good education.

My first album had just come out, so I had plenty of other things to focus on.

Expectations To be honest, I always expected to marry a black woman.

I found women of all backgrounds beautiful, but black girls were my “preference.” But when I arrived on my college campus in 2006, I wasn’t looking for a wife at all.

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